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Based on research by Peter S. Riegel, CalcuRun will take a past race performance and make predictions for any upcoming race!
Get predictions for common race distances, from 1600m to the Marathon. You can even input custom races in meters, kilometers, or miles. Once you have your predictions, get splits in metric or imperial units.
CalcuRun includes an all-in-one running calculator. Input a race time to calculate the required pace, or input a pace to determine the corresponding finish time.
CalcuRun respects your privacy. All data is processed on your device, and unless you opt to share analytics with App Developers (found in your device Privacy settings), nothing is transmitted online.
Written entirely in Swift, CalcuRun is lightweight and responsive so you can get in, get out, and get running.
Earn your next PR with CalcuRun. Free on the App Store.
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