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With CalcuSplit, you can easily time multiple runners on the track. Whether you're a high school coach or some friends putting on a 1-mile race, CalcuSplit has you covered.
Select multiple runners and start your event. Each runner will get their own stopwatch with a pause, resume, and finish button.
Designate events as race or workout. In Race Mode, hitting the lap button will immediately start the next lap. In Workout Mode, hitting the lap button will initiate a rest sequence. Hit resume once the rest period is over to start timing the next lap. In both cases, you can pre-select the number of laps or leave the event open.
CalcuSplit respects your privacy. All data is processed on your device, and unless you opt to share analytics with App Developers (found in your device Privacy settings), nothing is transmitted online.
Written entirely in Swift, CalcuSplit is lightweight and responsive so you can get in, start tracking, and get accurate result fast.
Unlock even more with CalcuSplit Premium! A one-time purchase.
View results from prior events, or drill into the history of a single runner. Even if you don't buy premium, all events are saved to your device, should you choose to upgrade at a later time.
Bulk-import runners from a spreadsheet or CSV file. You can include details such as gender and birthday for easy age-group analysis.
Export events as HTML or CSV files for easy sharing and analysis of results.
Track every runner with CalcuSplit. Free on the App Store.
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