Adam Iannazzone

Picture of Adam Iannazzone in a park

Hello World!

My name is Adam Iannazzone, and I am an Engineering and Computer Science teacher in the beautiful Hudson Valley. While I did not formally study CS (except for one ill-fate MATLAB class), I picked it up through professional development, online tutorials, and chats with my friends and colleagues.

In an effort to learn more about programming and technology, as well as show my students that you never stop growing, I'm always looking for a new project or challenge. For example, I made the website from scratch using Bootstrap – an important project in my Web Design course!

iOS Development

My latest challenge has been developing and releasing two iOS apps, written entirely in Swift. Geared towards runners, they are apps that I always wished that I could find on the App Store, so why not make them myself? If you're a runner or have friends who are, please check them out! Both apps are free to use.

Picture of church in the mountains


When I'm not running, teaching, or coding, I like to get out into the woods and take photos. Traditionally, I've focused on landscapes and cityscapes, but I've been broadening my horizons to include people, macros, and more abstract work. You can find me on Instagram and at my portfolio website.